Monday, October 15, 2007


THIS HAS SOMETHING to with the something.

SOME KIND of super orange game.

BUT YOU ARE YOUNG. You can figure out all the connections.

ALL I KNOW IS: it sounds beautiful.

That is all.


RavenWorks said...

Oh man, I think you totally just spoiled the ending to the game I was just playing like thirty seconds ago. D: I'm not gonna keep watching long enough to figure out if it is, though :x

Brilliant game though!

Scott said...
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Unknown said...

the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie

SG said...

That was a joke. haha. fatchance.

James said...

Jonathan Coulton, your street cred amongst nerds just jumped +4 points.

Seriously though, I send congratulations (via John, naturally).

Psycho Bird Zone Boy said...

Please put the device on the ground and lay on the ground with your arms at your sides or you will miss the party.

Ian said...

Did Coulton really need anymore street cred among nerds?

sspeier said...

It's related to Gordon's narrative!!

Lhyzz said...

Beyond the obvious implications of it being posted in Hodg-man's blog, just the lyrics made he suspect it was a Coulton song. God, I love that bearded man.

BC said...

I'm just wondering how long until some bright spark lead singer from 'emo' band comes out for the encore playing this song acoustically before the rest of the band joins him for their newest single about being sad and lonely.