Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Good Evening # 13 of 20


This is John Hodgman writing the 13th of only 20 such electronic messages I intend to send regarding…


(A book of words and fake facts available now at THE LADY KILLIGREW CAFÉ in Montague, Massachusetts, and also in OTHER FINE BOOKSTORES THAT ARE MUCH EASIER TO FIND, BUT NOT SO NEAR TO WATERFALLS…

Tonight (11/9/05, a Tuesday) I contact you regarding 10 items.

1. Our many thanks… to the kind people of Illinois and Massachusetts who came to visit with me, Coulton, and the entire town of Brookline, Massachusetts.

2. A special acknowledgment… goes to the many high school classmates who surprised, unnerved, and delighted me with their presence in those lands: Lorchie, Dmitry, D-Kidd, Danzy, Maz, Beth C, Amy C, Deaderick and Layman, Mike ‘n’ Damon G, X-Tine, Liz, “J” and all the rest: I will always remember the good times we had at BHS. WE ROLLED A JEEP. Brookline 4-eva.

3. Additional thanks… to Mr. Patrick Borelli, who traveled at the very last minute at the Lady Killigrew and, as I did, left a small part of himself there above the waterfall forever (in his case: an ear). In his tribute, I offer: this website:

4. Our thanks in advance… to any who wish to join us in PARK SLOPE tomorrow evening, Thursday, Nov 10, at 7:30PM. There, at THE BARNES AND NOBLE, Coulton and I will present material from THE ABOVE-MENTIONED and will also appraise the current market value of your strollers.

5. Thereafter… CALIFORNIA (northern portion), where we shall be appearing at Diesel Books in Oakland on Sunday (Nov 13) at 3PM and the Booksmith in SF on Monday (Nov 14) at 7PM. As always, all details may be found by going to and clicking on the words “good evening.” Sorry: No strollers will be appraised.

6. Burying the lead… I am told I will appear on “The Daily Show” on Wednesday, Nov 16, at the standard time of 11PM EST. No electronic message can contain my feelings about this (without killing you with electricity). So I will cease on this subject.

7. Meanwhile… there are now 69 Hoboes that have been drawn by uncompensated strangers whom I both adore and fear. Won’t you please micro-pay them with at least a kind comment? They are great.

8. Next week… information on John Hodgman, a deranged millionaire, if only in “the moving pictures.”

9. Otherwise… THAT IS ALL


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