Sunday, November 13, 2005

Number 54 Gila Monster Junior

Number 54 Gila Monster Junior
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Elizabeth said...

My roommate and I saw you on the Daily Show today and had not heard anything about your book. We started laughing so hysterically watching you crack up Jon Stewart that we ran out to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book a whopping 20 minutes before they closed at 11:00pm.

When we got to Barnes and Noble, we tried to describe your book to the guy working at the info desk. We could spell your last name correctly, but couldn't remember if the book was "Areas" or "Area." Either way, he couldn't find the book. We went over to the Humor section and found it much to his confusion and dismay. He thought we were derranged, on crack, or maybe hobos. He did not expect to see us find the book, with the title and your name, exactly as stated and spelled, right there on the shelf.

Thanks for the late-night book adventure in Madison, WI. We were super-pleased to baffle an uptight book-info-guy. I'm even more excited to escape from the pile of ungraded, undergrad exams to delve into your expertise!

poz said...

I agree with the above posts. I too purchased your book after the Daily Show appearance. I've only cracked through 10 pages (I picked it up on my way to work) and have already decreed it to the be funniest book I have ever read. You, sir, deserve a medal of freedom.

hodg-man said...

Hello, Elizabeth, Glinda, jre, and swaitek...

I'm super sorry a) that you had difficulty finding my "book;" and b) especially, that you posted this so long ago without a reply. That is terrible.

Let me say only that I had gotten so used to only getting replies from fake people at blogger telling me how to make extra cool money blogging that I have been neglectful of the comments.

The fact is, I'm very flattered and grateful, and I aim to return the favor with more words, starting with these: thank you.


Draculich said...

Although I don't agree with the previous posters, I too saw you on the Daily Show and have since purchased not one, but two copies of your opus.

Why two?

In my younger, glory days on the fields of battle, I was often told my play-making ability might be some sort of indication that I have eyes in the back of my head.

While I have no proof of this, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry.