Thursday, February 16, 2006

The American West, MINUS MILWAUKEE

I am very sad to report that, due to inclement weather, our appearance at Schwartz Books in Milwaukee has been canceled for tonight.

If you were planning to brave the sleet and ice and snow and raining snakes of fire, I would advise you to stay home beneath your snake-proof roof. I hope we will be able to reschedule soon.

Meanwhile, please visit this fine establishment, if only virtually, as they are very kind.

We now fly on to Denver.

That is all.


nora said...

Speaking for Milwaukee, we are sad to be minus John Hodgman this evening. Though I might add that southeastern Wisconsin is getting its long underwear in a twist over not much in the way of weather.

Looking forward to a visit that sticks,

Nora of MKE

hodg-man said...

I very much regret it.

Casey Brownbear said...

I hope you are returning to Wisconsin soon. I was fully prepared to drive to Milwaukee all the way from Madison.