Sunday, March 19, 2006

#577: Jonathan Crouton

#577: Jonathan Crouton
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I trust and hope some of you enjoyed Crouton's show tonight.

That is all.


Sholl Poly said...

Who the hell is Jonathan Crouton? His last name rhymes with Fouton, and I find that silly.

hodg-man said...

his name is technically not "CROUTON," but you can learn more here

George Peterson said...

John (or can I call you Mr. Hodgman?),

I was reading your book while sitting on a porcelain throne, my laughter helping shake loose any final bits of excrement that might decide they didn't feel like leaving the comforts of my colon, when it dawned on me that if you didn't have a blog yet, there was no god.

As it turns out, you do have a blog, but that doesn't mean that god is any more real than a bum who doesn't fall asleep every night, whiskey bottle in hand, dreaming of overthrowing the U.S. government - that is to say, god is dead. I made that up myself.

I'm very excited to see, however, that my insights into your hodge-mind were correct. Thank the bum-gods you have a blog.