Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Thanks to the internets marvelous "self-correcting" feature, I realize now that I meant to write:

www.mopitkins.com and not MOTpitkins.com, which is meaningless.

I hope some of you made it to the Coulton show in any case, because I, alas, was home in bed suffering from angry throat-ache, and I would desire to hear reports of the night... "set lists," "banter," "surprise guests," etc.

Also, I would be willing to purchase a BOOTLEG RECORDING of the evening as well.

I would also be willing to purchase a BOOTLEG RECORDING of the chopped liver.


Meanwhile, yes: I am in the television ad that you are seeing. It was a lot of fun to do, though it was very hard shooting on the polar ice caps.

That is all.


Yorgos said...

Hodgman, the ads are hilarious - esp. the "networking" one. I want me a PC! =)

Devin said...

Keep up the great work, especially on "The Daily Show." Rarely have I laughed harder than when I saw your piece on the Iraqi Insurgency Essay Contest.

I also did a write-up about your work on my blog. Check it out when you get the chance.

Unknown said...

the most charming. really. the most.

Gina said...

And now, PCs are so much more appealing. Congrats on the primetime commercial!

Lhyzz said...

I came here for the answer to exactly the question you answered in the final paragraph of this entry.

Indeed yours is a gift most extraordinary. I hope only that you will use your powers for good.

hodg-man said...

Thank you, nice people, for watching television and using the internet.

Anonymous said...

no. no! NO!


MayaEvening said...

love the book, love the commercials, i am a proud mac user (what mac user isn't. with that and the daily show appearances (please don't ever stop) now not only can I say to my friends, “hey that’s the guy who wrote the book I keep talking about!” but I can also now read it imagining your perfect deadpan delivery. thanks!

CarolynT said...

I'd never clicked an ad on the NY Times frontpage before, but hey, there's a first time for everything.

I just hope that no polar wildlife were injured or caused undue environmental stress by the filming of these commercials.

Your dancing skills are quite...uh, unique. Keep dancing.