Monday, May 01, 2006

Only COULTON can wake me from my month long slumber

I wanted to let you Coulton fans know that Coulton is offering a VERY SPECIAL concert of songs themed to the first of May (and other themes) on May 1, this Monday, at 7PM, at "Mo Pitkin's" THE place to go for bawdy calendar-based songs and also: chopped liver.

34 Avenue A, upstairs, and FREE.

He has many many more songs than you've heard before, as he has been writing one per week for the past 1000 years--part of his incredible "Thing A Week" podcast via his website, called, not surprisingly


Glenn Peters said...

You're simply taunting us west coasters.

Insult to injury, I had to not only create a blogger accoutn but a blog to comment. Woe is me.

I've been loving your Daily Show performances, sir. One would never know you'd slumbered through them.

m said...

Nice Apple Ads.

Glenn Peters said...

So that was you in the Apple ad? I can't believe I shook you hand -- that looks like a bad virus. Thank god I have a Mac.

Casey Brownbear said...


I believe the proper address to the website you linked to is:


hodg-man said...

Thanks Casey Brownbear,

I have sought to correct my error.

Thank you Glenn and M, for your kind words.

Kimberlee said...

I'd so love to see Coulton here ub Tampa. My 10 yo's favorite song is "Code Monkey". Go figure.

Also, ditto on the Apple ads. Did you use stunt double for the "crash" in the virus ad?