Monday, June 26, 2006

The Snap Beans Aren't Salty

When I agreed to let McSwys drag out the dusty old internet afterimages of my advice column ASK A FORMER PROFESSIONAL LITERARY AGENT from their forgiving archives, I was of course flattered and very happy.

It did not occur to me that of course it might naturally spark a round of new questions that you will want the answered.

And so I promise, Jason S. Blumberg (and a few others), I WILL answer your questions, but only as I have always done: slowly, inaccurately, and slowly.

Check back here in the future for answers (or links to same) or only to test your patience.

That is all.


fancycwabs said...

Will you also be answering age-old questions (five is an age, I think) about the death of the courtroom thriller?

Annje said...

I'd like to know the answer to the age old question "If love is blind, deaf, mute, insane, stupid, and lame. What does it look like?" I'd like to know so I can turn and run the other way.

Annje said...

Had I known that my question was going to be answered in such a quick fashion. I would have asked a tougher question. Like "what's the meaning of life?" or "is there life on other planets?" or "is that furry block of cheese in the back of my refrigerator still good for consumption?" Or any topic that can be used for a college disertation.

Thanks for the quick reply Mr. Hodgman.