Thursday, November 30, 2006


Originally uploaded by HoboGirl1.
AS MUCH AS I APPRECIATE THIS EFFORT, HoboGirl needs to trash this garbage format.


Who went to see Jonathan Ames last night, by the way?

That is all.


Anonymous said...

yeah that is true. Those ideas are not really all that cool. That is what happens when you are stuck at home and want to com eup with some ideas. sometimes they can really bomb. Creativity is dry at the moment. I thinksome of those shall be pulled off (by me).

Consider the garbage taken out.

hodg-man said...

No! You misunderstand: I was making fun of "cassette tape" technology--not of your efforts.

I like the photo. That is why I posted.

That is all.

Annje said...

I liked the photo of the cassettes as well.. :( Please Hobogirl repost!!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks John

I guess I read that response the wrong way. I did think that those might be a bit cheesy when I posted them. Cassette one especially. I thought you might be agreeing. But if you like them I will repost them.

COOL ADS PC guy. But did you see that sign someone put on your back? Not in chalk of course, but I could not resist when I saw that particular ad. Someone marked you as a hobo. Very appropriate I think. Also "found" ;-)

You say "That is All"
I say "More to come"

Anonymous said...

Oh John.

Show that ArtCase picture to Coulton. He's had some new fans for a bout 6 weeks now. Had to check his stuff out after that Ann Arbor visit. My boyfrind and I are both addicted to his music. We are code monkey hobos ;-)