Tuesday, August 21, 2007


TO RESPOND QUICKLY TO IAN, from the comments, I am not in Boston to do any readings. I am only here to do some writings.



ramona said...

do you often travel to write?

because we have an exceedingly large number of pens in this small Midwestern town. Or, since you're such a fan of the digital interwebs, we also have one whole business establishment where you can not only disburse your information packets via the WIFI, but also enjoy a refreshing Dilly Bar®.

Jennifer Noelle said...

Excuse me, Mister Hodg-man.

I was just wondering when your birthday is. It's in June, right?

Much love.

Ian said...

That's a shame. I got all excited for a second... Then I realized it was just the smell of the bay leaves drying making me all woozy.

PdiddyRule said...

Hey John, it's Patrick (!!!) from Peets in Brookline. Just wanted to say it was nice to meet you. If you should decide to come back in and further discuss TMBG or other matters I'm there most of the time... Plus I can get you free drinks. Yeah, it helps knowing someone at the top.