Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hobo War on Viky's shoe
Originally uploaded by Get Euphemistic!.
I ASK YOU: who sits idly by and allows their shoe to be cryptically marked with chalk?


That is all.


Solonor Rasreth said...

They must have hypnotized her and done it while she slept.

Charlie Grey said...

I'm no detective, but I think there's only one possible explanation...

Trained mice.

Serenaded Hourly said...

Someone has to cater to all those shoegazers.

Hugh Lafferty said...

Dear Hodgman:

You ask. I answer.

I do. I live in a neighborhood populated with dozens of Hobos who pass by my gate everyday.

Every morning, since reading "The Areas of My Expertise" two years ago, I go outside with my lawn chair, sit at the entrance to my driveway, with my feet out on the sidewalk and wait for hobos to come by to leave their Cryptic Marks, like Basque sherpherds.

I wore running shoes at first, but the Cryptic Marks would not show, so I switched to black leather shoes. I buy a new pair every day, but because 'm a shrewd enough customer to buy them only from Shoe Pavilion. I also talked my wife into footing the bill, though she accused me of being a heel. I in turn,warned her to toe the line. We're not always instep with each other, but what great souls are?

I asked one hobo the meaning of these Cryptic Marks. He whispered to me that they were the interpersonal communications of a secret hobo sect called "Crypticism."

"Ah," I said, with a wondrous smile, "so that is why they call them Cryptic Marks!"

Imagine my delight at being allowed a glimpse into a secret sect of hobos! However, I am sensitive to your alarm concerning them and will drive them from my gate with whips and catapults and build great high walls, if you think that would be a wise course.

Thank you for your time.

Charlie Grey said...

Now that was punny. Oh my!