Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Uncle John

I neglected previously to provide a link to the Bathroom Reader's Institute, proprietors of the essential Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

I have corrected the error.

That is all.


Christopher Tomlin said...

Thank you for providing the link to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Heretofore, I was accompanying my "necessary duties" with the McCall's magazine website. I have discovered Uncle John's to be infinitely more enjoyable and informative, and it's a sharp-looking site as well -- crystal clear on the screen of the 1994 Acer 880 PC which I keep by my toilet.


Gluehead said...

Is the Institute of Bathroom Reading right next to the DeVry? Because I've been looking to get into the field of toiletry writing.

C. said...

Hmm... I'm a little wary of "institutes" that rely so heavily on pun-based humor.