Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Pertaining to this query from long ago, I am now able to reveal the startling alternate cover to the paperback edition of my book, courtesy the skilled BENJAMIN GIBSON.

It is not only beautiful and dragony, but also it serves as a security measure. If you do not find this image on the inside cover, then you are not reading an AUTHENTIC PAPERBACK EDITION of THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE.

Other sure-fire signs that you may be reading an ILLEGALLY PIRATED copy of the PAPERBACK EDITION.

-it does not contain 100 more hobo names.
-the words seem to be in the proper order and all make sense.
-it does not contain any words at all, just pictures of fighting karate men.
-it is printed on CDs instead of paper.
-it was sold to you by THIS MAN.

If you suspect you have a BOOTLEG copy, or if your copy is ON FIRE, I ugre you to send it back to the publisher and buy one or more AUTHENTIC EDITIONS.

Unless it is printed on CDs, in which case, keep it. Coasters!

That is all.


Devin said...

How much for the version of your book with the fighting karate men?

hodg-man said...

Sorry: I should have included this link

Annje said...

Will be buying my copy today of the paperback. All I can say about the dragon illustration is "WOW!"

I am in complete awe of the drawing. Also the fighting karate men are quite humorous.

Vincent Perea said...

I must confess I was dissapointed that the illustration wasn't printed on velvet. Also where are your crazy Boris V. style abs and side abs and abs abs.
Just because you are a floating head is no excuse.

Nonetheless there is a dragon and bikini amazon so it is still designated as "freakin' sweet"!

fancycwabs said...

So, no truth to the rumors that the back cover would be an old cereal-box style 33 with a secret message, I guess.

Jim Donahue said...

Enjoyed your NPR interview the other day, John. I got a kick out of how amused the host was.

Ray Frenden said...

I've had the hardcover since I caught your hobo roster reading online. Love the trashy cover! Its presence alone tempts me to buy another copy.

Damn your Machiavellian scheme to turn a profit!