Friday, September 15, 2006


Because of the eagle eyes of Neil Gaiman, I am forced to make one last post before I leave today, and that is to draw attention to this.

I think if you are going to call your planned community "The Shire" and kit it all out to look like a fantasy village, you better be prepared to build some damn homes underground.

This is frankly infuriating. Especially since this "Shire" is in Oregon, where I happen to know that people not only **want** to live under the ground, they often do.

I am too angry to write more.

That is all.


Maxwell McLeod said...

Gorhenhad Oldbuck is rolling in his grave.

Roland said...

I think Mr. Hodgman must have missed this page, which details the construction of Hobbit homes with actual round doors and sod roofs (and galvanized steel culvert hallways). The developer talks of "several Hobbit dwellings," but I could only see one on the site plan (it does double-duty as the maintenance shed). I particuarly like their discussion of the origin of the word "Hobbit"--that should keep any of Tolkein's upitty heirs from contemplating legal action.

Serenaded Hourly said...

[Link to photo]

But, they're maintenance sheds?

Why can't they be little eat-in studios? They're really cutting out the short, big-footed dirt-dweller demographic.

Plus, no wi-fi. Lame.