Tuesday, September 12, 2006


FOR JESSE, and those else who may not initially grasp it, this is the reference I was trying to make.

I TRUST IT IS CLEAR that my intent is homage, for with Plimpton, there is no comparison. I had the distinctly surreal pleasure of being edited by him once over the phone. There are few editors as gracious and astute as he was.

PLUS, he could boogie.

MORE HERE, including the now inevtiable COULTON SONG.

That is all.


Jesse Thorn said...

Will I be placed in the stocks later, and have vegetables tossed at me?

Erik said...

Here's an example of just how complete the Complete World Knowledge is:

I can find more about a chess opening than in a chess book.

I looked up "Bird's Opening" in a book by a renowned chess author, International Master Jeremy Silman. This book was entitled "The Complete Book of Chess Strategy." The word "bird" was not used once, although "orangutan" was.

Then I opened your book, in which you gave helpfully metaphorical information pertaining to pigeons' feet.

Henry Edward Bird would be proud, Mr. Hodg-man.


Rodneylives said...

I actually remember seeing that ad! Further, I think I have a video copy of it on an Intellivision Lives game compilation disk.