Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to any Playmobil where I am at the moment.

That is all.


Unknown said...

I'm sure there's someone here that could bring you some.

Daniel Bruckner said...

Dear Sir,

Saturday night, there was a man in a bar in Los Angeles pretending to be you. He possessed many of the same physical properties as you (and the surgical marks to prove this might not have always been the case).

I counted three separate occasions where he allowed himself to be photographed (two of which he accepted a gratuity. The third time ended in a quarrel).

It took me ninety minutes to work up the courage to approach him, and another five to walk to an ATM (for the gratuity). It was only after introducing myself that I found this man to be an imposter. He held only partial world knowledge. And he had eleven fingers.

Just thought you should know.

ramona said...

Well obviously you are somewhere in a deep dark recess of a Black Hole if you do not have access to Playmobil. I am sorry for your predicament.

carry on, as best you can...

Unknown said...

No access to Playmobil? Perhaps you are in Orlando, where the Playmobil company just closed the doors of the only reason I ever even went to the mall in the first place.
Actually the enormous plastic golden knight and princess who stood guard briefly came alive to permanently seal the doors closed. Those wacky Germans and their homunculi!