Thursday, January 18, 2007


John Bowman, A CANADIAN, writes from Canada...


"After weaning five kittens of her own, this mother cat, Misty, took on
six baby skunks born at our zoo, The GuZoo Animal Farm, in Three Hills,
Alberta, shown in this recent handout photo. The skunk's natural mom
lost interest and wouldn't continue feeding them. Misty has been raising
the skunks for two weeks. (CP PHOTO/ HO/ GuZoo Animal Farm)

"John Bowman
Associate Producer
CBC News Online (the website of a Soviet-style state-run media
organization in Canada)"


As best as I can tell, the above photo is REAL AND UNRETOUCHED; it is also HEARTWARMING, even though it FOREBODES THE APOCALYPSE.*

A quick INTERNET INVESTIGATION INTO THE "GUZOO ANIMAL FARM" turns up no direct confirmation on the cat-skunk blended family (thanks for nothing, INTERNET)...

BUT I DO FEEL COMPELLED TO POINT OUT that the GuZoo Animal Farm does seem to be the target of frequent criticism for providing its non-human charges with inadequate shelter and care.

I DO NOT CLAIM TO KNOW THE FULL STORY HERE. Certainly in their defense one could argue that they are at the very least not allowing baby skunks to die, EVEN AT THE RISK OF APOCALYPSE.**

BUT INTERESTINGLY, at least one on-line petition urging the roadside zoo's closure includes one signature from a JASON BOWMAN.


At this point: NO ONE CAN TELL.

I will keep you posted.

MEANWHILE, thank you for watching television last night.


*Please see my book, THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE, for information regarding the ominous portent of CATS CONSORTING WITH SKUNKS.

**Please see the previous asterisk above.


Annje said...

Got to say cats helping Skunks is heartwarming and scary indeed. Please keep us posted on any new developments.

I have to say you make a GREAT Simon Cowell!!! I'd watch American Idle if you were a judge for sure. Great segment on The Daily Show. Glad your back on..Missed you! You can never have TOO much John Hodgman.

Also just a side note: Love the new PC/Mac ads!

J0hnnyB said...

Thank you for posting the photo of Misty and her brood. When I saw it, I felt compelled to share it with you and others who would understand its importance (i.e., readers of your book).

However, for describing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a "Soviet-style state-run media organization" on the public tubes, I have been demoted from Associate Producer to Production Assistant (an ignoble title indeed) and transferred to Ottowa.

It was worth it, though.

N.B. I have no known connection to Jason Bowman, nor Scotty Bowman.

hobogirl1 said...

Yes that is a heart warming eery omen. It is cute I must agree. Nice segment onthe Daily Show. I must agree, I think you would be my favorite judge if you were on it. (Resident expert is the coolest part of the Daily Show btw). I am one of the few people who don't watch American Idol. I can't get into that. But you being a judge would make me. I'd love to hear what you'd have to say. You tell the truth!

Jeanrw said...

And really, how sad is a zoo that showcases "LIVE SKUNKS", would you stop? Oh ok, maybe you would, but would one?

If this zoo was a creation of an 11-year old in Zoo Tycoon, it would suffer the ignonimity of having just one star.

JM said...

Some information about, and a slightly different photo of, the cat and skunks may be found here:

Davidicus said...

Portent...or Scam? Ominous, yes. But do we have a means of determining if the skunks pictured are real skunks and not a classic flim-flam using painted squirrels? This just might be the handiwork of those Nigerian rapscallions.

Be careful is all I'm saying.

Oliviarse said...

My cat kind of looks like a skunk, now that I think about it...

rebecca said...

now, re: flight v. invisibility.

if you choose flight, does that give you the power to turn back time by flying really fast against the rotation of the earth? because then, clearly, flight is the better choice.

Unknown said...

are cats that look like hitler any sort of portent?

Unknown said...

Oh great. Now I have to meet Flavor Flav in person for the trifecta.

Unknown said...

Guzoo is a death trap for animals, I have a site with pictures and articles backing up that fact:

Anonymous said...
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