Thursday, January 11, 2007


THIS EVENING I will be reading with my friend and former client Darin Strauss at the KGB bar in New York City in conjunction with Behind The Book, A FINE ORGANIZATION.

THIS WILL HAPPEN at 7PM, at 85 East 4th Street, up the stairs.

THIS WILL BE ONE OF MY RARE APPEARANCES without Mr. Coulton, whom I believe is still in Las Vegas.

THE LAST TIME THIS HAPPENED, in North Carolina, there was luckily a bagpiper on hand to offer some bagpipe music (IF YOU CAN CALL IT MUSIC! AM I RIGHT, PEOPLE? WHO'S WITH ME?).

I DO NOT KNOW IF THERE WILL BE ANYONE who happens to have a bagpipe or another kind of screechy musical instrument,

BUT DARIN'S NEW NOVEL is beautiful, and I will probably read about monsters, and the bar is an old favorite, so do stop by, bagpipers!

That is all.


Nathan said...

I'm with you. Bagpipes are an instrument of war, not musical accomplishment. They do of course come from a culture of food-dares, so it is important to question every other export they make.

Anonymous said...

The highlight of the North Carolina show was when you forced the bagpiper to play in a different room so people could still hear you talk. Good times.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.
Bagpipes suck.
Well, blow.

Annje said...

I guess I'm in the minority huh? I personally like bagpipes especially playing at an Irish Bar while sipping on a beverage that looks like motor oil. I personally get weepy when I hear "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes.

Of course it sucks when you're there to hear someone talk only to be drowned out by bagpipes..Then it sounds like a cat being strangled..That's just me..

Scott Haley said...

Bagpipes are an ancient instruments. Spread by ancient empires, there are bagpipe music traditions in countries from the Middle East to the British Isles. If you don't like them, I guess there's more for me.

Don't tell me how you know what a cat being strangled sounds like.

Lhyzz said...

If you ever need someone to stand behind you and pretend to know how to play the guitar, I'm you're gal!

I don't even know ONE chord, but I've got moxie!