Wednesday, January 10, 2007


....DEREK chimes in from the comments to alert us all to THIS VIDEO.

IT'S BRILLIANT of course, but personally I cannot believe Bruce would stoop so low as to do a TELEVISION COMMERCIAL. What a sell out.


That is all.


Anonymous said...

Right on, brother. Sell. Out. For Old Spice no less.

Heidi Cullinan said...

I can't get past the obscene creaking of the chair when he gets out and gets back in.

Anonymous said...

I prefer this to the Old Spice product placement in last years season of Smallville.
Also, I counted at least 19 ships in that painting. And one sea monster.

Anonymous said...

And chainsaw by the (first) fireplace.

Unknown said...

I would buy anything he sold me.

I'm afraid of his jawline.

Annje said...

I'm with you Mr. Hodgman! That was one HUGE painting he walked in front of. Thanks for the count of the ships and sea monster Ape Lad!!

Solonor Rasreth said...

It's so sad when your idols shill products on that newfangled "idiot's lantern".

Of course, I only watch the tele-vision when Doctor Who is on, and I mute the commercials...except for that one that comes on now and then about some fruit-flavored computer or something. Those I get a mild chuckle out of, I must say.

I wish I knew the names of those actors. The nerdy looking one should get an award or something for his acting skills. He gets so into his character, I almost believe he *is* a dork! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Who are you to criticize, Mr. PC computer man?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's possible to use a deodorant ironically.
But by God I'm going to try.

Anonymous said...

Right on PC guy!
At least now geeks will have an official smell that isn't sweat and ass.

Liza said...


All I could think of during the commercial was how much Bruce Campbell is reminding me of Robert Wagner.

On Hart to Hart.

Where's Mrs. H? or "When they met, it was Murder" Max?

Good thing there was a lot of scenery to be chewing. Brilliant!


Unknown said...

The spot is hilarious but wayyyyyy to clever for the target market.

Methinks 'tis a bit o' ad agency wankery which no doubt will be rewarded at award shows for its ironic retro coolification of Old Spice, the casting and the nifty execution.