Wednesday, April 11, 2007


egg in sunrays
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BELATEDLY (though not so belatedly, if you lived in the 8th century and thus observed Easter and the Dawn of Spring all month long. Thanks VENERABLE BEDE),


PLEASE NOTE: this is not not their natural color.

ALSO NOTE: I am trying, really trying to delete that myspace page. BUT THEY DO NOT MAKE IT EASY.

That is all.


Charlie Grey said...

Subparagraph 32A on page 666 of your Myspace agreement is as follows:

"The user (hereafter referred to as the damned) shall not forfeit his/her/it's Myspace domain without proper sacrifice to the Lord thy Tom."

I would suggest sacrificing a pretentious unknown band. That seems to be the almighty's cup o' tea.

coffeeiv said...

I am so,so very sorry that I bought your book for my fifteen-year-old son as an Easter present. Now he reads aloud from it morning and night.At meals, though it is banned from the table, he will suddenly think of something in the book and spray the contents of his mouth all over the kitchen. Yesterday he even shot pecan pie filling out of his nose while remembering the Utopian rules for rabbit husbandry.

He's enthusiastically telling all his friends about your book. Soon you will have squadrons of helicopter parents headed your way, prepared to defend not only their sanity but their right to make their teenagers read wholesome, productive material which will allow their sons and daughters to reach their full potential, fulfill their dreams, and allow us, their parents,to retire early and move to the Gulf Coast.

Perry Gerakines said...

We could, perhaps, all report your MySpace page as offensive. (In truth, I find that most MySpace pages offend me in some way without even trying.) Maybe this would get the ball rolling for you.