Monday, April 28, 2008


SPEAKING OF INCREDIBLY FAT AND BALD, I presume you all know about this, yes?

That is all.


Jay said...


Lhyzz said...

Your link just wasted about three hours of my time going through his blog and watching everything he linked to.

Gervais is the win. What can you reveal about your role?

k8 said...

I enjoyed your hair-clarification on Marketplace yesterday.

starfishncoffee said...

HA! That's great!
Hey John, this is Rana Emerson from Calhoun just sayin' hey and wondering if you're coming to reunion. Now that I think of it, I'm sure you're not going to post that here cause of potential stalkers who could climb up the walls of ivy and whatnot but anyway, it's great to see the work you're doing! I'm so psyched you're working with Ricky, but I'm really looking forward to Coraline.
Take care!