Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can You Spot the Differences?

If you can spot the five minor differences between this performance by me and Coulton and this one, I will arrange to be sent to you a copy of the forthcoming 900 CD audition edition of my book, also called THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE.

HINT: In one of these recordings, the temperature outside was six below zero! Fahrenheit!

Only four more minor differences to go!


FashionWhore said...

Tha would so not fit on my iPod.

Glenn Peters said...

1. It is much colder outside.
2. Behind the flowerpot.
3. The tall boy's hair is parted.
4. In the lion's mane.
5. The other leg is shorter.

Glenn Peters said...

Also, in the first you were dressed as a nun. In the second, I was in the audience.

(I am definitely saving this broadcast. I have photos from this event, I have added you as a contact on Flickr, where you might see them.)

Will said...

In addition to the temperature variation Coulton's is clearly distracted by family issues.

Ohnoshrubs said...

I suggest to Money Miss that she should try fitting the circle shaped MP3 into the circle shaped holes in her iPod. No matter how hard you try, it won't fit into the sqaure shaped holes.

If the iPod is full of songs, and you can't fit anymore songs into it, than get rid of some other songs.

Now, on the subject of Hodgeman Matters. I only noticed three other differences.

The first, and most obvious diference, is that you sounded more like Ghandi calm in the first performance, but in the second one, you were a Buddha type of calm.

The second difference I spotted was that the first performance took place inside a building, in front of a live studio audiance, while in the second performance, there was no building, no audiance, no nothing. It wasn't even a performance. You had someone put together an MP3 track that sounded like a performance, when all the laughter and claps were from different shows and recordings. Why, that wasn't even your voice in the second performance. You hired a small Italian Mother to read from a script, mimicing your first performance.

Golly gosh, I've forgotten the third difference. Well, I'm down three, and need two more to go. I'll review both MP3s once more.

Rod Biscoe said...


Thank you for the links that didn't really work. At least I don't think they worked.

Best Regards,
Rod Biscoe

Pat said...
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Annje said...

Still kicking myself that I missed the performace at the Tattered Cover..*sigh*

DeleteMe said...

I played the two shows for Microsoft Vista and then used Word's "compare document" feature.

It appears that for the Powell's version, you said "Dear aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all", while for the Authors on Tour performance, the audience was saying that.