Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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I see some of you have already found this photo, but here it is for the rest of you. A continuation of yesterday's Sharick contribution.

That is all.


BIG said...

I don't have anything to say - I just wanted to be first. Yea, first!!

Borrego said...

So I guess I get seconds, fine with me, I just introduced a fellow library goer to " The areas of my expertise ", he is laughing like crazy ( he has this weird stare ), and is ordering your book as we speak, well, as I write this, anyway, I will send you a couple of pictures of Hobos, Bearded Mexican Vagabond Out.

Rebecca Joy said...

Mr. Hodgman,
I just wanted to tell you that if you come to Pittsburgh on your upcoming book tour, I shall give you a pound of western Pennsylvania's finest chipped ham free of charge. And my eternal devotion, the former being of higher value. Chipped Ham is astounding.

reliably yours,
Rebecca J. Schneider

Erik said...