Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Originally uploaded by hodg-man.
Here is the last of the Sharick photos, for your records.

Thank you Michael Sharick, whoever you are.

That is all.


bottyguy said...

I don't like eating Hobos I find them chewy.

Perhaps with a bit of russian dressing and sauerkraut/

Annje said...

It says the "complete store" does that mean Bindels can be found in aisle 3? Manuals on how to hop a boxcar are in the book section in aisle 5?


FashionWhore said...

Does that mean you can find those oh so fashionable smelly hobo clothes?

Ohnoshrubs said...

The only thing you need in life is a bit of ham, a peice of string, and a pair of socks.

The hobo deli comes complete with everything you'll ever need.
Thus it is your complete store.

Erik said...

Does "your complete store" sell only food? Or can I get lint clothing products as well?

Michael Sharick said...

I'm glad all enjoyed the photos. The Hobo Deli exists in upstate NY, a few miles west of Kingston on State Rt. 28. It is a great deli, really-- fantastic egg sandwiches.

I am not John Hodgman's intern.

Generalissimo Juan Flores said...

I have been to the hobo deli and can attest to its greatness and lack of hobos.