Wednesday, August 16, 2006


If you are using a firefox tele-reading device, perhaps you are having the same difficulty I am seeing the comments.

For firefoxes then, here is some selected Q&A that may have been hidden from you.

I will post the whole tour tomorrow.

But honestly: if you are in MASSACHUSETTS, wouldn't you drive to see COULTON this Sat nite at 8PM at the Lady Killigrew?

Commence the Q&A

Annje said...

I do hope you and Mr. Coulton will be coming through the Metro Denver area sometime in the near future.

12:27 PM

Hodg-man replied...

Sadly, Denver is not on the schedule this time, though we would like to see the new Tattered Cover (is it as tattered? Is it as freakishly cold?). All I can offer is this old tattered appearance in your city for now.

Chris Radcliff said...

Thank you for your prompt reply, and for promoting my dazed ramblings. Unfortunately, LA will be a bit far to travel on that date, as I'll be in Michigan for a function. Perhaps my luck will improve before your next book is released.

To follow the spirit of this post, I invite any other reader to similarly demand such an event in their own city or locale. The burly public relations machine may not budge from its preappointed track, but we may derive some small satisfaction by making our tiny voices heard.

1:49 PM

Hodg-man replied...

Eventful is a fascinating internet demand tool, and your angry demands are flattering. The tour is very tightly scheduled, as you will see, but I will not stop you from fomenting rebellion against the burly machine.

Dave said...

Might I get in the Canadian line to push for a tour north of the border?

2:04 PM

Hodg-man replied...

You prove yourself a fraud, sir.

Were you truly a Canadian, you would have said "queue" instead of "line" and "programme" instead of "tour" and "inviso-line" instead of "border" and "SOUTH" instead of "NORTH" because your WHOLE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN.

I have been to Vancouver, and I know it to be true.

Erik said...

Are you by any chance going anywhere near the D.C. or Maryland areas? (If not, don't worry, I wouldn't either. I just live here.)

Hodg-man replied...

YES TO BOTH, so long as Baltimore is still in Maryland on Oct 23, and Washington DC is still our nation's capital on Oct 24.

joebob said...

Sir, please say you will be making a stop in Boston. Oh and to prove I'm a Bostonian... Pahk the cah in Hahvard Yad.

11:32 PM

hodg-man replied...
For the last time, there is no parking in Harvard Yard. But we will be appearing in Brookline on Sept 27.

Dave said...

unlucky to have missed you. but, you're right, i'm not canadian. i'm a torontonian. :)

12:07 AM

hodg-man replied...

Thanks for confessing. Now please stop with all emoticons.

Naomi said...

the internet will have to suffice for me... :)

12:35 AM

hodg-man replied:


But yes: the internet offers much, far too much of COULTON and HODGMAN. Check out youtube tomorrow.

Matt said...

Any chance you will be stopping by Omaha, NE? I am new to the area, but Omaha's Lied Jungle is the largest indoor rain forest in the world. And, if you have not seen such a sight, I imagine it is a must.

If that doesn't bate your interest, perhaps a session of unicameral legislature will.

1:37 AM

hodg-man replies...

I am very fond of Omaha, and here are the first 50 of 3199 words that you can read for free about my feelings on this subject. Unfortunately, apart from my private gala at Gorat's being thrown for me by Mr. Buffett (you are not invited) the closest we will be coming to Omaha will be St. Paul or Chicago. Start driving now.

That is all.


Hugh said...

As a proud Cannadienniste, I must protest your assertion of earlier. The term "The inviso-line" is an imperialist American creation, forced upon us by our victory in the war of 1812. It should be, as mandated by my proud Torontonian French heritage, "El inviso-queue."

jewpac shakur said...

"I will post the whole tour tomorrow."

why do you lie to us? or, when is tomorrow?