Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This is Jh writing:

I have noticed that some people are making comments, but the main "blog page" hides them behind a blue shroud.

Perhaps you do not have this problem. It may be because I am not using a computer but a telegraph.

Still, here are the missing comments from the post below.


Chris Radcliff said...

Shortly, meanwhile, I will be making dates available for the AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE (Paperback and Audio Editions) Tour of the US

Any chance you've considered visiting fair and pleasant San Diego? No? Then, sir, I'll go so far as to demand just such an event. I stamp my foot and shake my tiny fist.

7:38 PM

Comment Deleted

This post has been removed by the author.

7:49 PM

Chris Radcliff said...

And if it's a matter of making things for you, I'd be pleased to weave you a pot-holder or compose a brief haiku.

7:50 PM

capnjoy said...

if you visit san francisco i will personally make sure you are greeted by an audience full of gold prospectors and homosexuals.

11:01 PM

hodg-man said...

SF will be on Oct 12.

I regret San Diego is not on the tour schedule, though Coulton and I will be in LA on Oct 9.


11:35 AM



Annje said...

I do hope you and Mr. Coulton will be coming through the Metro Denver area sometime in the near future.

Chris Radcliff said...

Thank you for your prompt reply, and for promoting my dazed ramblings. Unfortunately, LA will be a bit far to travel on that date, as I'll be in Michigan for a function. Perhaps my luck will improve before your next book is released.

To follow the spirit of this post, I invite any other reader to similarly demand such an event in their own city or locale. The burly public relations machine may not budge from its preappointed track, but we may derive some small satisfaction by making our tiny voices heard.

Dave Irish said...

Might I get in the Canadian line to push for a tour north of the border?

hodg-man said...

You prove yourself a fraud, sir.

Were you truly a Canadian, you would have said "queue" instead of "line" and "programme" instead of "tour" and "inviso-line" instead of "border" and "SOUTH" instead of "NORTH" because your WHOLE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN.

I have been to Vancouver, and I know it to be true.

Erik said...


Are you by any chance going anywhere near the D.C. or Maryland areas? (If not, don't worry, I wouldn't either. I just live here.)

joebob said...

Sir, please say you will be making a stop in Boston. Oh and to prove I'm a Bostonian... Pahk the cah in Hahvard Yad.

Dave Irish said...

unlucky to have missed you. but, you're right, i'm not canadian. i'm a torontonian. :)

Naomi said...

the internet will have to suffice for me... :)

Hatt said...

Any chance you will be stopping by Omaha, NE? I am new to the area, but Omaha's Lied Jungle is the largest indoor rain forest in the world. And, if you have not seen such a sight, I imagine it is a must.

If that doesn't bate your interest, perhaps a session of unicameral legislature will.