Thursday, August 24, 2006


To quickly say thank you:

to Neil Gaiman, for the unexpected internet link.
to John Roderick, for the information given at last night's 826 event regarding the Bald Eagle infestation of Homer, Alaska
to Kate, for the rum and the coke, also known as a "HODGMAN LIBRE"

That is all.


kate turner said...
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kate turner said...

you're welcome for the rum and coke. i couldn't have been more honored to share a drink with john hodgeman. and also being mentioned on your blog is pretty damn cool.


ps-i'm trying to figure out this whole blog thing. (hence the deleted comment.)

Annje said...

Just wanted to say I loved the spot on the Daily Show last night. I liked the backdrop of books, seemed very fitting. Great stuff!

courtney said...

thank you for the appendicitis. it got here just in time and it was everything that i'd always wanted but was afraid to ask for.