Friday, October 06, 2006


h in sunrays @ 33
Originally uploaded by Ape Lad.
THANK YOU, A-Lad, for following the instructions the internet gave you and finally capturing an image of the fabled and very very SECRET Club 33.

SOMEDAY I wish to go.

BUT TONIGHT I shall enjoy another dream, to stand on the stage of the Fitzgerald Theater along with COULTON and Mr. NEAL POLLACK at 8PM, courtesy MPR.

TICKETS may be purchased.

THANK YOU, meanwhile, Philadelphia and Amy Sedaris and David Rees for a perfect evening.

That is all.


wwjblog said...

i bet you are sure sick and tired of hobos. its me, jesus christ, would you let me have an email interview for my blog? your book is silly.

Joe said...

You love capitals.

Antimatty said...

hey man, are you the guy from those mac commercials? if you are , then awesome!!!! you are a cool guy, and if you like artwork, feel free to look at mine.


Priscilla said...

No, thank YOU for a perfect evening!

Yours truly,
The girl without a hobo shirt

Zachary Little said...

unfortunately, though-- some of us (read: me) underestimated the popularity of the "215 festival" in Philadelphia, and were left out in the cold, on the street, with the hobos. Come back to Philadelphia soon, good sir. Perhaps La Salle University? That would be helpful. I very much regret having missed the event. Love the book.

chris said...

I am verymuch dissapointed! Like zl here, I, too was left out in the cold with the big chalk h-in-sunrays, the hobos, and all thoes damned yellow street lights. You simply owe us another visit to philadelphia! And not in some "fest" where everybody will show up regardless of their prior knoladge of the areas of john hodgman's expertise. Might I sugest the keswick theater in Abington, known for it's acustic perfectness?

or Rocky shitstain Mancowicz the 3rd: the aftermath

A. Jonathan Cox said...

I have been to the fabled Club 33. While the huddled masses ate their turkey legs and their churros and their flavored ice - I was busy dining on seasoned lamb and drinking a fine martini. It was seriously awesome.

kelcamawd said...

I still think that you secretly collect hobos....

Also, I don't appreciate you stealing my ideas for your new book. Those are the areas of MY expertise.

Kelley and To Michael Please