Friday, October 27, 2006


Hobo pie, 10/22/06
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TONIGHT, David Rees and I shall be at the Regulator in Durham, NC. 7PM

Jonathan Coulton will not be in attendance. He is flying back to Baltimore to sing at the National Science Writers/Feral Mountain Man Conference and will rejoin in Oxford, MS, for our 4PM event at SQUARE BOOKS.

SO I ASK YOU, OXONIANS: can one of your recommend the best and most convenient place to get the ingredients for several Brandy Sangarees?

That is all.

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Lisa Meltzer said...

I very much enjoyed your appearance at the Regulator last night, and am relieved that I opted against sprouting conspicuous facial hair or donning a dirndl for the occasion. Hope to see you back in these parts again.