Friday, October 20, 2006


Painting Class II.
Originally uploaded by Annie Matronic.
AS YOU KNOW, Monday begins our self-driven, southward tour of the Mid-Atlantic.

ALONG THE WAY, Coulton and I will be joined by David Rees all the way to North Carolina.

FIRST STOP: BALTIMORE, specifically:

THE FIFTH FLOOR MULTIPURPOSE ROOM in the Student Center of the University of Baltimore.

I CANNOT TELL YOU how long I have waited to play this legendary venue.


IN SERIOUS TONES, we love the Charm City, and our event at UBALT was one of our very favorites, and so we yearn again to see you there, at 7PM, for free.

MORE TOUR INFORMATION and photographs will follow. This one comes courtesy of Charm Citizen Annie, who has a secret message.

That is all.


Ayerst said...

Hello Mr. Hodgeman.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Apple commercials. They are extremely funny. And yes, I own a MAC.

I confess I know nothing about you, save what I was able to dig up on Wiki.

Wiki states among other things that you just finished a book called "The Areas of My Expertise". Wow!!

According to Wikipedia, this is a book "written in the form of absurd historical stories, complex charts and graphs, and fake newspaper columns."

Wiki also mentions you are employed as a writer/journalist by the New York Times. So, I imagine you are ideally suited to write just such a book. But I digress.

Regarding your book, I will be happy to take a look at it the very next time I wander past the "National Security Secrets and the Journalists Who Leak Them In Order To Embarrass The President" section at Barnes and Noble.

Keep up the good work!

Ayerst said...

PS: one last comment.

I realize Wikipedia is not always the most reliable place to get information on people. Heck, sometimes what Wiki says is downright false and slanderous. But that does not mean the site has no value, does it?

Anyway, like I said, you work at the New York Times. So, I am sure you understand that just because something may be untrue, irresponsible, slanderous and injurious, doesn't mean it has no value. Right?


God Bless