Thursday, October 12, 2006


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ALAS, Cpt. Joy, who submitted this incredible image of anti-joy, but...

WE CANNOT ATTEND THE SHANTY SINGING CONTEST in Oakland after the reading tonight.

IT IS TOO FAR AWAY, I fear, from our home location of

CODY'S (not in Berkeley, but in San Francisco)

TONIGHT at 7pm

ALAS! ALAS! For as you know, I love a shanty.


That is all.


Gina said...

Sad hobo is crying because she didn't get FREE BRANDY at John's show. Anyone can get FREE BRANDY at John's book events. It's simple: early in the day pledge cash, credit, gold doubloons, cowrie shells or first born to your local public radio station [e.g. KUOW in Seattle], preferably when John Hodgman is in town for a book tour. That evening at the event, upon the early departure of said Talent’s musical accompaniment, thrust your hand up in the air super fast thus causing John to see you first and call you up on stage to share brandy with him. Drink fast because you can't keep the snifter. Optional: tell the entire crowd that you are unemployed while awaiting your free brandy. This impresses many people.

Submitted by Gina, aka Unemployed Brandy-Snifting Girl Hobo (seeking legal, paid employment so not a very good Hobo).

Unknown said...

now what i was going for was an adapted version of the teardrop tattoo that you get in prison if you kill a man (e.g. i have since learned that the iconography of the teardrop tattoo is um NOT common knowledge.

Rev4n said...

Hey John, I saw you in Portland on Tuesday. I'm Cary the kid in the front row. You walked up to me with a piece of paper that said "I Am Not Matthew Haughey" and told me to photograph you. Then gave me the assignment to 'post it on the internet and find that guy'. Well, A simple Google search revealed his blog. And I gave him the photo.

It is prominently displayed in a recent post here, on his blog:

Just letting you know that I guess that whole thing worked out.

kwc said...

I've posted video of the first part, for those that wish to relive the magic or e-mail to your faux-bo friends:

Thank you, John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton.

Generalissimo Juan Flores said...

I figured you might appreciate this anecdote of one hobo annoying another hobo ...


Pronoiac said...

Hey there -

I've posted the audio I recorded at Cody's, with links to the video I know about.

Share & enjoy!