Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I HAD MANY INQUIRIES regarding the strange, Chicago-native quaff that unhinged our presentation last night at the excellent SECOND CITY ETC stage.

It is MALORT, and it is not made up.

(As the great Martin D and Doc Cocktail have verified).

I first discovered this bitter/herbal/murderous alcoholic potion years ago at a LITTLE GRAY BOOK LECTURE on the subject of the fictional city of Chicago.

It was PLEASANT to be re-acquainted with it last night, especially in front of such a fine audience, until it became UNPLEASANT.

But the audience and fine people of the 2nd City STAYED PLEASANT THROUGHOUT, and for their adventurous spirit and friendly nature, I AM GRATEFUL.

(Special thanks to smarty-pants Joceylyn and Chicagoist for the Malort-ology link).

Milwaukee is glorious bright and blue today. The lager rivers are really shining in the sunlight. I look forward to seeing the Milwaukee-ans at Harry Schwartz's, 7PM, in Bayview.

To the rest of you: THAT IS ALL.


smussyolay said...

wow. malort even appears to employ the umlaut, which is one of the teaching tools of motley crue.

Aron Deppert said...

Is Chicago the only place you can find this? I must try some!

Char said...

Heh, malört is a plant in Swedish, google tells me it's called wormwood in English, but apparently it doesn't grow in the US. My mother used to flavor vodka with it to make her own aquavit. It tasted horribly as far as I remember.

Kiefer said...

Maloert is great for sipping on the rocks.