Friday, December 23, 2005

Speaking of flickr

Insofar as I may be able to persuade you of anything, please listen and watch Coulton's important dissertation on the power of creative commons.


Some other photos you may use. SEE HERE


hodg-man said...

It has never been about a fight between me and Jesus. But I appreciate your comment all the same.

Jim Donahue said...
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Jim Donahue said...

The Coulton Flickr film is brilliant.

PS: I don't know about beating Jesus. That whole turn-the-other-cheek thing gives him stamina. Though I guess you could try yanking his hair.

Jim Donahue said...

Loved your Christmas piece on This American Life, which I finally got around to hearing.

TAL's site is the best--you can stream any of its shows!

hodg-man said...

thank you, internet friends. i am sleepy, but grateful.