Friday, February 17, 2006

This evening at THE TATTERED COVER


This is John Hodgman writing.

I regret very much that we could not be in Milwaukee last night as we had planned.

As noted, it was recommended that we not attempt to fly into this fine city due to heavy snow and giant, marauding eagles.

Yet we wish to return, and soon, to make it up to the people of Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, tonight we shall be at the Tattered Cover in Denver, CO, a very cold city that also has snow, but where the giant eagle problem is not as severe.

If you know any Coloradans who may be interested in this information, I'd be delighted to shake their hands.

2955 East First Avenue at Milwaukee Street in Cherry Creek North, directly across the street from the Cherry Creek Mall.
Denver, CO

That is all.


Colin said...

Hi John. I was just wondering if you plan on making any appearances in the Philadelphia area anytime soon. And, if not, I'd like to request that you do. It would be fantastic to meet you in person and discuss your book, which is one of my all-time favorites now.


Borrego said...

The bearded vagabond mexican in cold, cold Denver here, Hi, how is it going?, hope you had a pleasent trip, and I must say I am plased to find you are signed up with blogger as well, I still have my blog in diapers but as soon as it finishes elemantry school I will send you the link, I really hope we can get in touch about the interview, oh, and I will send you the picture in the next few days, hope to hear from you soon, bye.

Enrique Villa

hodg-man said...

Thank you, Colin.

Coulton and I will be returning to Philadelphia in September as part of this year's 215 Festival.

You have been warned.

hodg-man said...

Greetings, people who post on blogs updated with embarrassing infrequency.

To answer the question of R. Lord, we have no current plans to visit Texas, though perhaps when the paperback comes out this fall.

To answer the question of PBJar, Coulton and I and also David Rees will be appearing at Tisdale and Mirman's very fine show "Invite Them Up!"

Unless I have misremembered something, or there has been a sudden change of plans, this will happen at 8:30PM, on March 1, at:
RiFiFi (Cinema Classics)
332 E. 11th Street (BTW 1st & 2nd Ave.), NYC
Doors @ 8:30 PM, $5
- This show is 21+

Even if there has been a sudden change of plan, you will still enjoy this show, so by all means: ATTEND.

Finally, I am my own unpaid intern, and require no further help at this time. Though I thank you, as always.


Now I will actually post this message.

Annje said...

I know I'm posting kinda late...What's 4 months?? Anyway, I'm really kicking myself that I had not heard of you before your appearance at the Tattered Cover. I'm only 30 minutes away...Will you be coming back to the cold tundra that is known as Colorado anytime soon?