Friday, March 31, 2006

The text of an e-mail I just received


"You, John Hodgman (assuming this is you I'm writing to) have a fanclub. Based on the popular "website" LiveJournal, it consists of 20 or so fans who discuss all matters Hodgman. It could be found (again, assuming that you are John Hodgman and you are currently connected to the Internet) at


"Yours digitally,
Lucas J. Wagner, Esq."

For the five of you who make take interest in such things, I provide this information.

That is all.


Steph said...

Is that the same Lucas from the movie?

Did you know that Chet from Weird Science is in a new show about people who don't swear or drink caffeine?

Jeff said...

Stay away from those weirdos! They wil cause you nothing but pain and misery.

Anonymous said...

If you'll recall, I started your first online fanclub a year ago and you showed utter disdain for it. Saying, "I can hardly endorse a fanclub that has been put together by a total stranger in Utah". Or something to that effect.
And if you'll also recall, t'was I wot put the term 'Hodgmania' all over the interwebs. And what prey tell did fair Angelina get in return for this? One autographed copy of your book and this stupid t-shirt. I'm not bitter. I can't stay mad at you.