Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Yeti Crab"

They call it the yeti crab.

I call it astonishing and strange.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the discovery of the "furry lobster"--it has been a revelation to me, and a challenge for my spam filter.

That is all.


rheimbro said...

You should make sure they don't pass you up for the credit like they did Stephen Colbert!

On another note, Congrats on another hilarious Daily Show appearance!

SuperOceanLad said...

It's good to see I'm finally getting the press I deserve.


hodg-man said...

Thank you, Rheimbro and Bill HL

Unknown said...

The yeti crab is just one member of the Wooly Mollusk phylum. I'm surprised you haven't devoted more space to the Great Mollusk in your work. He is stealthy and has no legs, yet he can perambulate. The Wooly Mollusk has played a great role in human history, contributing to our understanding of agriculture, warfare and the internal combustion engine. I admit to being slightly disappointed that you've given it such short shrift.
Good job on pretty much everything else, though.

Chris Rees said...

"The animal's pincers are covered in sinuous hair-like strands" - that's a coincidence, so are mine.