Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Reply to Gawker

As posted on their comments board:

"I'm pretty astonished that it took Gawker, a site I normally admire, quite this long to report this non-news.

As you can see, many blogs reported on my weight and out-selling long before May 9. From now on, I will be checking these fine sites for all the Hodgman anti-news as it breaks:




At least you will never be as slow as this site:

see here

Meanwhile, I remain, affectionately:


That is all.


donnadb said...

Do not forget here as well! Can you even note the date?!

Lhyzz said...

Don't you know that once more than 3 dozen pretentious hipsters know about something (or someone), it's mainstream, and therefore no longer pretentious and hip?

A national ad campaign totally harshes everyone's buzz.

Annje said...
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Annje said...

I personally would buy anything endorsed by yours truly. Including but not limited too: peanut butter, fluffy pillows, nuclear warheads, llamas. Just so you know I find you a brilliant spot on the landscape of my mundane existance.

You are extremely brilliant and funny to boot. I enjoy your commercials and your spots on the Daily Show. Now if you'll excuse me I need to hop in my car and go buy your book.

bec_87rb said...

Someone needs to tell Wes Umstead that the venerable Bill Hicks is DEAD, and that's what happens when they talk sh*t about # 701 John "Dirty Harry" Hodgman.

So think twice.