Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Reply to Gawker

As posted on their comments board:

"I'm pretty astonished that it took Gawker, a site I normally admire, quite this long to report this non-news.

As you can see, many blogs reported on my weight and out-selling long before May 9. From now on, I will be checking these fine sites for all the Hodgman anti-news as it breaks:




At least you will never be as slow as this site:

see here

Meanwhile, I remain, affectionately:


That is all.


Glenn Peters said...

What's that, old chum? John Hodgman and Wes Anderson are having Steve Jobs' baby? To the bat scandal sheet!

People just hate to give up their treasured obscure little celebrities to fame and fortune when it happens to come along. Personally, I'm glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve.

donnadb said...

Do not forget here as well! Can you even note the date?!

Summer said...

I thought the Mac ads were cute. And so did my roommate, who didn't know who you were, but played them continuously for 10 minutes. I should also mention that I took the opportunity to pimp your book to her and her boyfriend.

You're not a sell out! And you look good in the ads!

Lhyzz said...

Don't you know that once more than 3 dozen pretentious hipsters know about something (or someone), it's mainstream, and therefore no longer pretentious and hip?

A national ad campaign totally harshes everyone's buzz.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps before getting "too big" you should hang yourself after leaving an unpublished manuscript for the finding.
Or is a posthumous Pulitzer out-selling?

Annje said...
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Annje said...

I personally would buy anything endorsed by yours truly. Including but not limited too: peanut butter, fluffy pillows, nuclear warheads, llamas. Just so you know I find you a brilliant spot on the landscape of my mundane existance.

You are extremely brilliant and funny to boot. I enjoy your commercials and your spots on the Daily Show. Now if you'll excuse me I need to hop in my car and go buy your book.

bec_87rb said...

Someone needs to tell Wes Umstead that the venerable Bill Hicks is DEAD, and that's what happens when they talk sh*t about # 701 John "Dirty Harry" Hodgman.

So think twice.