Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I MUST IMPOSE ON YOUR PATIENCE: the Playmobil thow-down is coming.

BUT I MUST ALSO INTERRUPT to bring you this late breaking bulletin from THE ONION

WHETHER THE SUBJECT IS HOBOES, RACOONS, OR PLAYMOBIL, it's good to be remind that the Onion trumps us all.

COURTESY: "ERIC" for bringing this to my attention.

That is all.


Unknown said...

I am disappointed that my important revelation of Minnesota foods on a stick did not make it into this post. Sigh.

Mademoiselle J said...


I must say, the photo of you on the cover of Wired is completely dreamy.

Liza said...

I second Julie's comment.


Hearing no objections, the comment is made and seconded and approved by acclamation.

Well done, sir!

^_^ Liza

Oliviarse said...

In agreement with Julie and Liza, I am.
Dreamy indeed.

Annje said...

I too am in agreement. Have always thought you sir are quite good looking. The cover of "Wired" proves the point..Smart guys are just plain sexy!!

Dreamy indeed!! :)

hobogirl1 said...

"Pinky. Are you pondering what I'm pondering ? I think so Brain". We should pick up a copy of WiRed. YESSS. Great shot! How did you get yourself on that hodg-man? I shall get some plexigalss and put up a protections system for my WiRed magazine and my awesome trivia book!

In the mean time if you are a Mac user like PC and I, you might like to listen to my recent itunes find that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with hobos