Tuesday, July 10, 2007


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I have a question: do LARP battles ever take place at Ren Faires? Or IS ONE ANATHEMA TO THE OTHER.

Please advise.



Unknown said...

What you see at Ren Faires are a lot of SCA members. They really don't have an official tie to the festival, rather most times they just show up and commandeer a hill or open space. SCA is an official organization, Ren Faires are technically official festivals. LARP differs in that they are playing a game where as Rennies and SCAers are doing their best to live as ye olde folk would have lived.

Just my guess though. I didn't see many LARPers when I was working the Faire in CO many years ago, but the SCA members were there in myriad aloofness.

Kevin Allen Jr. said...

As a LARPer for many years (i'm recovering) i can say with assurity that although the two things are rarely planed to intertwine it occasionally occurs as a haphazard event. LARPers are almost without exception Ren Faire people (or Rennies) but Ren Faire people are not always LARPers. It's a square/rectangle kind of relationship. There isn't much animosity between the two hobbies as they share so many similar interests/tailors

Unknown said...

i think in the winter, ren faire people turn into Dickens Faire people

mteph said...


if you have not seen this by now, you must....or at least i think you should.

Anonymous said...

If a LARPer at a Ren Faire sharpens his fake battle axe with no witness, does it make a
Oh! Look...some paint drying! Gotta run.

mik3cap said...

The SCA is the largest trained militia and possibly the biggest independent military force in the United States. They attack one another with real swords while wearing suits of armor. The organization contains a significant population of veterans of foreign wars who have actual experience killing people and stuff. As such, it is frequently surveilled by helicopters of the U.S. government, especially when they conduct mass combat exercises in Pennsylvania. Sometimes the veterans experience PTSD flashbacks when they're in the midst of battle and helicopters buzz them.

Ian Thal said...

The Society for Creative Anachronism also has a significant civilian population and engages in many non-paramilitary activities.

While I am not a member, as a commedia dell'arte actor, I often perform at SCA events where dance, theatre, music and food take the most prominent role.

Fnarf said...

I don't know anything about LARPers or Ren Faire, but I do know that this rule about "employees must wash hands" really gets my goat. I think I should be allowed to wash my OWN hands, darn it.