Thursday, November 08, 2007


AS THIS APPEARED ON BOINGBOINGtv, then this is likely old news to those of you using the Internet.

STILL, it is astonishingly good filmmaking.

IF NOTHING ELSE, Ms. Shaneen deserves the damned nobel prize for incredibletude for coming up with the phrase: THE FURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

That is all.


Unknown said...

I wonder why this is working from the linked page but not the embed.

I have mixed feeling about this. I can get a lot of what they're saying, but it still bothers me. Maybe it's that the costumes look so goofy -- if they looked less like something you'd see walking around Disneyworld it'd make more sense.

But I think the other issue is that it's such a small microcosm that there's a wide range of furrydom. From the people who think it's just kind of fun to think of themselves as an animal to the people undergoing self-mutilation or those who claim that their souls are literally fused with an animal. Or in a related concept, that they're reincarnated from admittedly fictional characters. I thought this was a joke until I found the communities supporting it.

Lhyzz said...

I understand the psychological need for certain types of introverted and chronically rejected people to hide behind a mask and become something they aren't in order to come out of their shell. Whether it be people who obsessively dress as animals or Klingons, or anime characters, there is something creepy about it because it suggests a psychological problem in need of help, and instead of finding help, they're embracing these problems and slipping into their own realities.

That said, I've been in costumes like this a couple of times (as a mascot at children's events, not as a "furry"), and they are ridiculously uncomfortable. They're hot, stuffy, and they're impossible to see out of... how does anyone enjoy themselves in those outfits?

Unknown said...

I can't really buy that criticism, because I've seen the sort of crutches normal people use to deal with (i.e. avoid) the real world: drugs, religious and poltical dogmas, etc.

Jay said...

lol yes!

~Jay's World!

Serenaded Hourly said...
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Serenaded Hourly said...

Edited to fix typo. Sorry, JH.

Having recently dressed as an animal for halloween ( ), I was surprised but not shocked that so many people shouted "FURRYSEX!" at me, as they passed Boba Fett and I on our tandem bike. I think that the fact that "furries" was the fur-st (i see what you did there; oh, hai, I upgraded yr RAM; etc.) thing that came to their mind said more about the hecklers than ... well, me. Or even than the furries, themselves!

Serenaded Hourly said...

Also, I love how serious the comments are to this otherwise pretty lighthearted trailer posting! I R SERIOUS FURRY! THIS R SERIOUS THREAD.

Bridget Callahan said...

"This is what the night sounds like to me."

Lhyzz said...


There are two totally different psychological aspects to using a crutch like drugs, or absolving yourself of personal responsibility such as religious fanatics, and hiding behind an actual, physical mask. I think you're comparing apples and oranges (Hint: they are both fruit.)

Heidi Rat said...

An African Wild Dog Furry (specialized!) once told me that my german shepherd looked beautiful.

...I have since taught my dog how to scream "I need an adult!"