Thursday, November 29, 2007


NEWSWEEK CHINA profiles "Jonathan Coulton."


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"Now arrived for a crucial time, we all should self-examine really needs the record company. We are glad with the traditional phonograph record management pattern which rottenly deteriorates to say very much goodbye " * This publication Reporter/Yang Shi? In American Luo river unlined upper garment 矶 Live House, Jonathan Coulton is keeping half long hair, is bringing black frame eyeglasses, he liked is same in the past, is embracing a wooden guitar, alone stood in the stage central committee, above the stage light projects in his top of the head, he started which sang own to create "Re: Your Brain ". The quite practical lyrics describes average person's ordinary life, the lyrics often is causing next piece of understanding laughing, the cheers, the applause, even also has the chorus to resound through the entire audience. But, these music lover understanding and the familiar Jonathan Coulton song certainly is not through the broadcasting station, CD, is not through the order list, but is called Thing a Week through individual website. Jonathan the work which writes oneself puts to the website in. The such independent dissemination music way starts in the music world gradually to increase, not only becomes the music person's new outlet which many not yet becomes famous, even some big sign orchestras also start to bridge over the issuing company, directly on-line sells the song. Does not send CD professional music person Jonathan Coulton this year 36 years old, 3 years ago, he or software engineer which in compiles the code in the check. On high school's time, he was vainly hoping for becomes a 摇滚 star, carries the guitar to tour to the world. Thereupon, started from the high school to write the song his university to choose the music specialty, majored in western music Shi He to compose music. Jonathan to "China Newsweek" reporter said, after the graduation actually because of the livelihood, could not but look for the work which had nothing to do with with the music. But the spare time, he still every day persisted unceasingly writes the song. In 2004, his friend has made a named Little Gray book club, each month, first formulates a subject to invite some writers to write some works again according to the subject, then calls everybody to read aloud. Jonathan participated in that activity by the music person's status, his each month writes a song according to the subject, then the scene sings. After conclusion, he can put on-line the work, but no echo. Until 2005. Because receives the friend to use My Space the inspiration, Jonathan established to be called Thing a Week to broadcast the guest website. When "starts, I on treat as it one kind of experiment. I want to let more people hear to mine song, then tells them again the friend, I very have been happy." Jonathan said. When start, Jonathan still hoped own song finally can sell by the CD form, he even own fill the system phonograph record on-line to sell, but puts in Thing a Week MP3 then completely free. "Along with comes me the website downloading person more and more many, I start to ponder over, such free provides downloading is can to my income influential, but with these not worthy of mentioning pays expenses downloading to compare, can have more people to know my music is more important." Jonathan said, that time he also goes to work in the company, therefore the music income to him said not that is important. Until the fifth song, changed his life path. He used own way to turn sang Sir Mix-a-Lot Hip the Hop famous tune "Baby Got Back". With his analogy, this first song "has become on a Internet virus". Jonathan starts to attempt in own broadcasts in the guest website to sell the song, because of that song influence, a his month through paid expenses downloads MP3 to gain more than 4,000 Dollar. Sells the way very is also out of the ordinary, he does not force opposite party to purchase, but is with one kind is called "pick your price" (you to fix a price) the way. According to the Jonathan statistics, these pay expenses downloading music lover equally each first songfest to pay about 1 US dollar. Moreover 90% music lovers all are willing to pay expenses. "I knew that, the people always are willing to be able first to hear to the music again decision are worth paying money, why is this I all puts my all songs to on-line lets the reason which the people chooses at will." Jonathan said. After opens Thing a a Week website year, he resigned from the computer company's position to become a professional music person, Jonathan said that, "I finally could depend on the music to gain the foot I daughter's nursemaid money."

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Unknown said...

Thank you. I was wondering what the article said. This clears it right up. (Reposted to the Coulton LJ community.)

JackalFive said...


That is the article of translated that clarifies my understood. You are the thank you for provided translating text phrases.

Molly said...

Sounds like Robert Redford.

Aaron Headly said...

Here is a link that has nothing to do with babelfish or Jonathan Coulton or, even, music. It is a link to some pictures I took of my step-father's huge stack of Hodgman® brand fishing waders. Enjoy?

Jeanrw said...

The brilliant ending "I finally could depend on the music to gain the foot I daughter's nursemaid money." just broke my heart with its beauty.

This may be the clue to surviving without the writers during this fall of our dis-content: babelfish taiwanese programming!!!

Fnarf said...

When I were a lad, we had no foot our daughter's nursemaid money, I can tell you that.