Tuesday, June 03, 2008


THE AP REPORTS: Obama is the nominee.

I HOPE, desperately, both for the Democratic party and for the legacy of my former President and current Senator, that HRC will stop by in St. Paul tonight for an endorsement.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

A better birthday gift to you I could not make with glitter and glue.

Jacob Karnas said...

Good luck, Mr. Hodgman.

ALSO: Check your email. You're tweeting it around and I sent you something a month ago.

Unknown said...

Mr. Hodgman,

You do not know me, but a little bird (I think you know who he is) has encouraged everyone to wish you a happy birthday today. Also, you might consider wearing shorts more often, as your legs are far more shapely than I would have imagined.

Many happy returns of the day to you, sir.

Stepher said...

Happiest of birthday celebrations to you Mr. Hodgman.