Wednesday, July 23, 2008


THANK YOU Rendezvous and its denizens for your patience and good humor.

YOU ALL KNOW A LOT MORE ABOUT MOLE-MEN than most of your fellow citizens (at least, those who are surface dwellers).

EVENTUALLY I BELIEVE the radio shall make some of it available on the radio.

UNTIL THEN, I look forward to seeing you at the next Secret Show, next week...


For a discussion of non mole-manic issues.

That is all.


No Stand In Will Do said...

My favorite local celebrity (after Kim Gordon, of course).

Glenn Johnson said...

You're welcome, John. No one has ever linked me as "patience" before. In fact no one has ever linked me before at all. You're my first and you were wonderful. Thank you.

Tom Pappalardo said...

Good gig, John. Though I only caught one glimpse of you from the back of the room during your performance, and that's when you were handing out the stopwatch. So thank goodness for walkie technology. Perhaps next Tuesday you should place your chair on top of the table.

Nice meeting you. I might just venture up 91 next week to see you again. Over. - Tom

bcwoods said...

When you have to refer to a group of manic mole-men is that a manic mole-manic issue?

Monte said...

I want to know if a moleman gets a mole might it metastasize? Or are they in little danger of cancer because they are underground?

All Hodge related material will be up on next week (7.28)

But if you can't wait. There is some Hodge grilling action here (if you scroll down to his picture).

John said...

John, thanks for a great show and for having me up at the mic to feed you questions about the Mole-Men. I had a fantastic time, and so did my wife, who now knows why I'm such a fan. We look forward to the release of More Information Than You Require.

Laurie, thanks again for lending me your chair. I'm glad you found a lap to sit on.

-- The Guy With the Beard, Shelburne Falls, via Internet

Adriane said...
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Adriane said...

I meant to ask a question last night, but failed to;

Are you planning on recording an audiobook version of More Information Than You Require as you did for Areas of my Expertise and if so, are you going to release it on iTunes?

Thank you for a wonderful reading, and for signing my moleskine!

DiscreteDaniel said...

My parents* and I had a lot of fun, and it was well worth the harrowing journey back to the South Shore along a dimly lit Mowhawk Trail/Route 2. Thanks for ending the program at a reasonable hour so we could get back before midnight.

It's a shame Coulton is now too famous to appear with you. That time he played next to a loud river was by far the best show of his I've ever been to (it was also the first).

* It's hard to find girls who get excited over driving two hours just to hear someone read from his upcoming book of fake trivia. My normal approach is useless.

Unknown said...

@discretedaniel: Coulton will be attending for part of the book tour.

Anonymous said...

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