Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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I have learned that Demetri, who is in Columbus tonight, will have to go to Chicago tomorrow, and then come BACK to Columbus on Friday.

The least you could do is visit and say hello in one or both locations.

Meanwhile, I will stay in Columbus to be on television tomorrow night.

That is all.


Eyre said...

Sorry I missed you. I was at the taping last night. Had a great time. Turns out Demetri had interviewed one of the students who works in my office, and I had to find out by watching the tape. I'll have to bug my student for not telling me.

Have fun on Campus! If you get bored, go to the president's office in Bricker Hall and ask to see Amy.

Anonymous said...

Demetri once had a very large beard.

rheimbro said...

I miss Columbus, but I miss it even more when people like you or Dimitri are there. Have fun in one of the most saturated fast food markets in the nation!

ryan said...

Your electronic voting machine expertise is fascinating. If the Diebold Accuclaw and the "Mouse Trap Vote Kicker" could be amalgamated into some sort of magnificent democracy apparatus, I might pay to vote TWICE. Please keep up the great work.

Annje said...

Ok, I'm scared now..A crossword with subliminal messages of takeover of the US government. From the looks of it, the crossword is legit and wasn't created for the H in sunrays..Very scary..Think I'll go hide now.

Len said...

Dangit! I missed you in Columbus! Curses!