Monday, November 20, 2006


Hobo pie, 10/22/06
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I HAVE TO EAT a large helping of hobo humble pie this morning.


EVEN THE DAMN TRUTH FUZZ at "The Straight Dope" have known about this book FOR AT LEAST A YEAR.

FURTHER EVIDENCE that Cecil Adams desires to shame me.

LUCKILY, the Twincesses have set me straight.

SHAMEFACEDLY, and with thanks to photophonic.

That is all.


bec_87rb said...


This is another shamelessly transparent attempt to fool us into thinking that you and Cecil A. are not one and the same being.

We. Know. Better. Cecil.

juniper pearl said...

i assume that you do own this one, though, which still puts you a number of steps ahead of much of america's snotty literati. i had to read "the colt" in my seventh-grade english class, and it broke my heart and ruined my life. all my faith in human goodness, along with my unshakeable belief that my parents could save me from anything, went up in flames. i thought i'd never forgive stegner, but then i found out that that story was mostly true. now the only person i can't forgive is my seventh-grade english teacher, who really should have given me one last innocent summer.

LB said...
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LB said...

There really is some irony in charging prices like this for a book about hoboes. Though now this is making me very sad, since I'm studying to be a librarian and it did not occur to me last fall to do my final Rare Books class project on researching the Published Lore of the Hoboes. Or something. I just assembled a collection of books about Canada. Canada! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hello, and thank you for the thoughtful shout out. Hodgmaniacs are now leaving your fan mail in our care.

There’s a signed edition of American Tramp available for $937.50, but they only accept payment in Japanese hoodies.


Anonymous said...

Even hobos make the NY Times on occasion -- I'm sure you've seen the news.