Thursday, January 04, 2007


h in sunrays
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MIDVALE: what is it?

THIS QUESTION WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED. But I am grateful to Ape-Lad for the boxcar image and the H, even if you have to hunt for it.


FOR THOSE OF YOU who did not require my opinion on LOST-as-a-barometer-of-jocks-vs.-nerdism-in-the-21st-century, but got it anyway,

YOU MAY BE CURIOUS TO learn the now old news that Brian K. Vaughan has been hired as a writer by the program.

HE IS THE AUTHOR, among other comic book titles, of "Y: The Last Man," which I did not happen to read, and "Ex Machina," which I did read, and enjoyed very much.

AFTER AN AUTUMNAL "VEST-POCKET-SEASON" of pure, happily unhinged soap opera on LOST, does BKV's recruitment signal a return to the comic bookish continuity madness that marked its high nerd period and pneumatic tube hey day?


(HOWEVER, I will say that if Hurley suddenly blinks off the hypnosis and realizes HE HAS NEVER SEEN NIKKI AND PAULO BEFORE IN HIS LIFE, then things will be going in the right direction.)

(I TRUST THIS SETTLES the debate about whether this blog is controlled by jocks or nerds, which I know has been raging for months now).

That is all.


Annie Wu said...

Oh man. Now I'm crazy-excited. 'Y: The Last Man' is, for lack of a better phrase, totally freakin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

I miss the nerdy Lost. We demand less polar bear cage sex; more creepy abandoned '80s outposts.

Annje said...

For some reason I've never been able to get into LOST I'll try again. Now Doctor Who I can totally relate to in a Nerd sort of way.