Wednesday, January 03, 2007


AND THE CLOSE EYED READER "Solonor," here is footage of Harmonica Frank, who eats harmonicas despite their protests.

I ESPECIALLY appreciate the german subtitled.


That is all.


Solonor Rasreth said...

I agree. Harmonica Frank is good enough to be used by "the man" as entertainment fodder, yet, when he tries to speak, they cut him off. Conspiracy, sez I.

Daniel Bruckner said...

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to tell you that I recently discovered you book (beneath a pile of burning rubble. I thought I heard the screams of a child, but instead only pulled out your book). The cover is damaged, and some of the pages rounded off, but as for your words, your glorious words, well they're all intact. And I have been living by them ever since.

While I didn't purchase my copy (I found it in a fire), I have started bringing it to work, where two people have since bought one. This surprised me, as it's such a strange book, and everyone around here seems so normal. I always get kind of nervous leaving your book out on my desk when I go to lunch, but so far no one has complained to HR about it. I'd take it with me to lunch, but I eat a lot of greasy food. And that wouldn't be good for the pages.

Yours faithfully,

D. Bruckner

Anonymous said...

Why would somebody throw away such a good book? I love it and I keep my signed copy in pristine condition. I guess they don't want complete world knowledge.

Annje said...

I keep my hard copy under plexiglass on the wall with a lazer security system. I carry around my paperback everywhere I go like a security blanket. Must have complete world knowledge with me. You never know when asked to describe the Hobo Uprising.

hodg-man said...

Attention Bruckner--

If your book had not been largely burned, you might have seen the fine print saying that once a copy of my book has been DAMAGED BY FIRE, one is free to handle it with greasy hands. It is, in fact, required to re-moisturize the pages.


That is all.

Anonymous said...

Is that really in there hodg-man? I'll have to look.

pretty funny though.

Daniel Bruckner said...
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Phillip said...

I find it odd that of the books I recieved for xmas, I should find a synergy here. One book was, of course, The Areas Of My Expertise, which I have not yet finished, and therfore don't know if it refers extensively to Harmonica Frank. Another book I recieved was Mystery Train by Greil Marcus, which contains six long essays about musicians. I was familiar with, and enjoyed the music of, five of these musicians (Robert Johnson, The Band, Sly Stone, Randy Newman, and Elvis Presley). The sixth, I had neither heard, nor heard of, in my life. That, naturally, turned out to be Harmonica Frank.

My wife proposes that you may have installed video surveillance in my house, or are otherwise monitoring my reading habits. I hope, if this is true, that you have my best interest in mind, and I also hope you don't mind that I often read your book in the bathroom.

Thank you.

I remain,

Phillip Ginder