Tuesday, February 05, 2008



NO MATTER WHOM YOU ARE SUPPORTING, there are few actions that are so profoundly entwined and joyfully United Statesean as these.

AND FEWER STILL that have been so hard won, and so nobly, by those who were unable to do either.

AS YOU KNOW, these two rights and responsibilities of citizenship were not won in 1776.

IF YOU ARE TO BELIEVE JEFFERSON, we were born with them long before that year, for one is liberty, and the other the pursuit of happiness.

AND EVEN AFTER OUR REVOLUTION, many of us had years of fighting still before they got them.

AND WE ARE ALL STILL FIGHTING, year after year, election day after election day. Because as difficult as it is to accept, there are those still, this very day, who will rob us of both if they can.

PLUS: you get a little sticker and maybe a brownie if there's a bake sale on.


That is all.


Anonymous said...

I was saddened to find that my new polling place in Davis was completely devoid of stickers. I had assumed the sticker to be my constitutional right! Wasn't that part of the Twenty-fourth Amendment?

kristen said...

I, too, was denied a sticker! I had planned on running errands all day with it smugly stuck to my coat. Instead I have had to resort to pointing at my Obama button and hollering "DID YOU VOTE?! IT'S ELECTION DAY!!" at everyone who looked at me for more than 2 seconds today. Oh the humanity!

naginata said...

I lucked out in the sticker catagory. Sadly there were no brownies, just flyers for the blood drive next week. So at least oreos are in my future!

James said...

Well-spoken words.

Emily Blake said...

Thanks for that. Well put.

I had this two hour argument last night with some punk kid who said voting was a waste of time because nothing in his lifetime has ever mattered. He's like 18.

By the end of the night he agreed that while he still plans to lead his revolution someday, but first he'll try voting.

It's like the easiest thing in the world to do. I think that people who don't vote need to stop sounding self-righteous and go ahead and admit they're just lazy.

stephanie said...

Well said, Mr. Hodge-man.

But may I remind you? Some of us didn't get to vote until 1920.

It was an even longer struggle, and hard-won, and never do I take it for granted.

Yesterday was especially exciting. The last time I was that happy to vote was when I was 18 and voted for Clinton for re-election.

stephanie said...

Shame on me for not noticing that Mr. Hodge-man was oblique in referencing those of us who didn't get to start voting in 1776, and did not forget us...

Will Parker said...

@Mario & @Kristen:

The rumor of a looming sticker crisis is merely traitorous Oceanian badthink.

The overflow crowd at our Seattle-area caucus will be happily patching holes in their leaky ceilings with Clinton and Obama stickers for the next six months.

We thank you for donating your stickers to this all-important (and endless) maintenance ritual.

Incidentally, it appears that Washington's Blue Team turned out in record numbers, fielding at least twice as many players as Gray Team.