Sunday, February 03, 2008


I CAN SEE a cynical argument that points out that most Americans don't care what Michael from LOST or Scarlett Johansson thinks about politics.

BUT I SURE THINK this is beautiful.

Whatever you do: VOTE. And PS: NY is not a winner-takes-all primary.

That is all.


Heavy Critters said...

Wow. Just...


Thanks for posting that.

Going on my blog now.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to believe in change, I really am.

Emily Blake said...

I wasn't alive the last time a politician inspired people this much.

This is pretty freaking exciting.

It makes me want to march for something and throw my bra in a river.

rob! said...

ive been reading comments posted all over the web re: this video.

i find it exciting and captivating, tho i support Obama so maybe i'm a bit prejudiced.

but its funny to read comments from people(none here, tho) saying stuff to the effect of "who cares what a bunch of celebrities think about a politician?" as if being famous somehow should render you mute in the political arena.

nobody said that to Chuck Norris, or that half-dead actor guy who actually ran for President this time!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely. I don't care at all about celebrity, per se. But, for me, it improves the world that these people are using their media clout for something good - the reviving of political hope in our nation - rather than flogging perfume or burgers.

Dean Trippe said...


kristen said...

Okay, so I'm old, and I'm a nerd. I have no idea who the hell these people are. ...And I understand the complaints about famous people's opinions.

But when I watch this video, being the old, celebrity-clueless nerd that I am, I just see a sampling of young folks, exalting Barack Obama's inspiring words in a way that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. There's power in that.

So I say let the little whippersnappers sing. It's inspiring, it is.

Annje said...

I plan on voting as well as being at the caucus this Tuesday. I'm excited about Obama. I think it's time for change in America. Had I been alive during the 60's I'm sure I'd have felt the same way about John F. Kennedy! Thanks for sharing Hodgman.

fancycwabs said...


One of the "whippersnappers" is Herbie Hancock, who, at 67, is probably (but not necessarily) old enough to be your dad.

Someone should recut the video to include shots of Hodgman, however.