Sunday, February 10, 2008


THE DRIEST JOKE on the internet today.

THERE ARE TWO PROBLEMS with this idea:

1) WRONG operating system.
2) UNTIL they get a monotreme up and running, I REMAIN SKEPTICAL.

That is all.


Jake said...

Mr. Hodgeman:

This [unknown thing] requires that I install a "plugin" of some kind. But my browser cannot recognize what plugin I need. I suppose my quesion for you is: what is going on in your life that you feel the need to burden me in this way?

Adam N. said...

I'm afraid my sentiments coincide with Jake's. What treachery is this?! Uninstallable plugins?! You tempt us with the promise of dry humor, yet we cannot view such a thing!

Anonymous said...

Hello friends,

The plugin you will need is Shockwave Player. I presume you two fine gentlemen are on Intel-based Macintoshes, so you'll want to check out the following if you are truly interested in so-called "dry humor:"

Using Shockwave Player on an Intel-based Macintosh

Jake said...

I am using an Intel-based PC, actually. And I *have* the Shockwave Player installed. I even reinstalled it today just in case my version was out of date. Alas, it didn't work.

I can only assume that this ONLY works on Macs, and Mr. Hodgman (sorry about misspelling your name before!) is engaged in a bit of viral marketing on behalf of a certain Cupertino-based corporation.

Anonymous said...

Hello friends (I hope),

I say "I hope" not because I am some sort of Barack Obama robot, the Hopemonger 3000 if you will, but because I have steered you wrong in my previous comment. It seems Jolly Ol' Hodgman has linked an FLV file, which would be generally unplayable in any browser that does not have Perian, a Mac-only plugin, installed.

I trust my information makes it to you fine gentlemen swiftly.

Molly said...

Forgive me for vandalizing the Ikea showroom displays.

Omar said...

The Hodg-man's HTML has some extraneous apostrophes, so the embedded video probably won't work for most people.

Try here (Flash Video) or here (mp4).

Tim said...

I have to agree with Hodg-man. I'll wait for the eChidna model.

P. Little said...

This video definitely gives strength to my theory that, dead or alive, you can never trust a beaver from Saskatchewan.

bcwoods said...

I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed that it was an actual video and not some meta-level genius joke I didn't understand, where the punch-line was the video not loading.

Unknown said...

They will never get a monotreme up and running. Monotremes are notorious for their sauntering.